T3: Gas Laws

The study of the behavior of gases has multiple applications; from the way our bodies inhale and exhale air to [insert another application here]. This behavior has been studied through thorough experimentation. An useful finding from these experiments is that the behavior of gases in relation with pressure, volume, temperature, and amount, sometimes follows a […]

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T5: Calorimetry

The sensation of hot or cold that we feel when we touch an ice cube, or walk outside under the sun, is related to temperature and heat. Atoms have kinetic energy. This energy is transferrable between objects through contact; this is seen as an ice cube melts in a glass of water, or as a […]

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T1: Temperature Measurement

Thermometers. Since we were children, we’ve known what thermometers did. These simple devices are used in a multitude of fields —  from medicine, to chemistry, to the culinary arts. Many often overlook the science behind the measurement of temperature, because it is such a basic concept. When an instrument, such as a thermometer, comes in […]

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Hi there!

My name is Billy, and I like physics. I’m a second year Applied Physics major, studying at the University of the Philippines Diliman National Institute of Physics. It’s difficult, but studying the branch of science that encompasses any and every measurable phenomenon can be overwhelming sometimes. I’ll be writing about what happens during my lab classes, […]

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