Hi there!

My name is Billy, and I like physics.

I’m a second year Applied Physics major, studying at the University of the Philippines Diliman National Institute of Physics. It’s difficult, but studying the branch of science that encompasses any and every measurable phenomenon can be overwhelming sometimes. I’ll be writing about what happens during my lab classes, where I and a couple of other friends will be learning the practical basics of optics and thermodynamics.

One branch of physics is mechanics, the study of the motion (or sometimes, lack thereof) of material objects. Kinetic energy is one of the hallmark concepts this interesting field. It is often described as the energy associated with motion. For example, as a freely falling object drops to the ground, potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, until suddenly the body stops, and all that kinetic energy is converted back to potential energy.

Kinetic energy, in a poetic sense, is associated with being dynamic. As motion hits a crescendo, and kinetic energy is at its maximum, the potential that a body once possessed  is completely used up. I have lived my life with people telling each other that they have great potential, but to me, this doesn’t matter until that potential is used for something great.

I hope to live my life in a kinetic way, converting all the potential that I have into something bigger than myself.

Exciting times ahead!


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